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A poem to my Mom...

I want you to know this,
That you carried me through hell.
The touch of a gentle hand,
When I wasn’t feeling so well.

You put up with me
Becoming a complete shut in.
You supported my breakout
And helped me become human again.

Your love means the world to me.
And, I see what you meant
When you said that I would look back
And, I would regret my dissent.

As my Mom, you had wonderful advice about life.
Things you learned on your own.
Things you learned from your pain.
Things you learned by enduring so much strife.

You wanted your baby to be happy.
You wanted to save her from the pain.
You wanted to share how you learned so much.
You wanted her to be completely sane.

So, while I’m not completely on my rocker,
And, sometimes I feel like I’ve gone right off the end…
I want you to know that you did a wonderful job
Of teaching me that you will always be my best friend.

I love you more than I can express.
I listen to your words from the past still
And they help me progress;
They give me the will.

I still go through hell.
I think it’s called living.
But, it feels wonderful knowing I have a Mom
Who is so forgiving.

I love you.