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My husband is flying away from me...

I'm thinking about my other half,
Off the ground, while I cry,
Altitude 38,000 feet,
All alone, there he flies.

Right now he's over New Mexico,
Land of Sante Fe, 7000 feet above sea level.
I'm still in Louisiana...
Awaiting news of his arrival.

All he has been to me is everything.
I cried so hard when he left that I got a migraine.
I admit I might be attached to him by a thick string.
But, when he's not here, I feel such pain.

My lover, my friend, my dream, my spouse.
Why am I so lost when you are not around?
What is it about me that needs to you so?
What chemical is it that makes my heart pound?

You'd think, "Eight years, that's enough to get over that".
But, we still give each other "the look"
You don't care that I got fat,
And we still live life like 2 silly characters in a comic book.

I know you have family and things that need to be done.
But, I miss you so much...
A replacement for you?
There is none.

Hurry home, my love.
I need my other half back.